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Our hotel is currently closed. We will be back for you from March 2024.

Four generations of authentic South Tyrolean hospitality
Your hosts at the Hotel Hofbrunn in Riffian in the Passeiertal Valley

At the Hotel Hofbrunn personal hospitality runs in the family line involving all the Hehl family: Mum Alis (the good soul), DaddyChristoph (the experienced guide) and Liephart, their son (Lippi for short), who is also in charge of the kitchen and the bar.

At the Hofbrunn, the personal touch is what counts. Our guests are treated the same way we like to be treated when we’re on holiday: with respect, openness, and down-to-earth warmth. All these qualities are reflected in our rooms, suites, and services.

About Lippi,
our junior host

Open and unassuming, Lippi’s heart is definitely in the right place. Always ready to offer a light-hearted quip - that's how he comes across. Always attentive, he’s ready to offer advice on excursions, or recommend an excellent local wine. At the hotel his preferred place is close to the action: at the bar, reception or helping guests in some way.

As a down-to-earth type, Lippi prefers simplicity, and these values are reflected in the entire establishment. From the rooms to the service, spa/wellness area, and in the kitchen. 

About Christoph,
our senior host

If there’s anyone who knows his way around Merano/Meran, Tirolo/Dorf Tirol and Scena/Schenna, it’s Christoph – our senior manager. Having lived in these mountains all his life, he knows the trails like the back of his hand. It’s been 45 years since he started taking visitors on twice-weekly organised hikes into the mountains.

On Mondays he leads leisurely excursions, while Thursdays are reserved for more demanding hikes to the summits – pleasing ardent mountaineering aficionados. While on a hike, he recounts his more entertaining anecdotes and he’s happy to share his experiences and good advice. Expect to partake in an afternoon ‘Merende’, or local wine tasting at one of the wine estates.

What matters to us.
Our values – being open
Real quality Good service
The inclusive services at the Hotel Hofbrunn near Merano/Meran

Although largesse and excessive luxury doesn’t reflect how we live nor how we like our holidays – it doesn’t mean we have to forgo comfort and quality. Which is why our inclusive services matter. It means attentive service coupled with genuine South Tyrolean hospitality; honest-to-goodness cuisine; a friendly exchange with Lippi (at the hotel bar), or with Christoph (on an organised hike).

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